Traffic Website: What type of websites get the most traffic?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Traffic website is a very good term used in SEO reports in particular and in Online Marketing in general. This is an important index to evaluate SEO work efficiency and plays an important role in website ranking. So what is traffic and what types of traffic are effective for businesses? These two questions as well as the traffic-related issues will be explained through the following article.

What is Traffic Website?

In SEO, traffic is used with the goal of letting the reader know the number of visits by users to the website. Each different type of website will typically have different average traffic. And higher traffic or traffic is also a signal to help you get better results in your SEO process. Usually, news sharing sites get more traffic than online sales sites.

Website Traffic Meaning

When measuring the traffic index periodically, you will evaluate two important things:

The overall attractiveness of the website.

This number is based on the results of growing new users and maintaining old users. If this index is not growing month by month, every year, you should reconsider your website content strategy and user experience design. You run the risk of being left by your current customers and potential customers. The website is losing its attractiveness and usefulness to users in the online market.

Ability to grow and maintain rankings on Google.

Website traffic is one of the criteria for Google to rank your keywords. This index contributes to improving website internal resources. Combined with good SEO keywords will help your website get on the top page of search results and maintain a high position that is difficult to be pushed down. As a result, users find it easier to find and access your website. From there, Traffic is pushed higher. It is like a spiral of growth, growing bigger and bigger.


Type of website traffic

#1: Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is the number of traffic users visit your website through referrals from other websites without having to go through search engines.

For example:

My blog has been posted on the website Anaheim Magazine that included a link to my website. And someone who clicks this link links to my page. This is called referral traffic.

referral link
Blog of Irvine Marketing Service posted in Anaheim Magazine

The more links to your website appear on popular sources, the more people will know about it

These backlinks can be added to articles, comments, topic discussions, emails, etc. Increase the number of beneficial backlinks to your website instead of constantly spamming links. If not, chances are you'll get penalized by search engines soon.

#2: Social Traffic

Social Traffic is traffic through social networking sites, including users who come to your website through links on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, ...

Conversion volume depends on business activity and engagement on social media sites.

The business should create a highly engaged community to increase the number of participants. From there, you can get a huge amount of traffic from platforms with millions of users. At the same time, traffic from social networking sites is a source of quality traffic for your website.


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# 3 - Direct traffic

Direct traffic refers to the number of users directly visiting your website by typing the URL directly in the address bar or clicking on a previously saved bookmark without going through any other channel.

Direct traffic usually accounts for a relatively small portion of the total number of conversions. However, it is extremely important.

Direct Traffic
Users directly search on Google

Because it is the index showing:

  • Loyalty level.

  • User brand awareness of your business.

  • How many users trust your business.

To increase direct traffic, you need to actively market both online and offline elements.

# 4 - Organic traffic (accessed from organic search results)

Organic traffic (Organic search traffic) is the traffic of users visiting your website through the ranking of search results.

Example: The user can enter the search bar "marketing service in Irvine", the search result shows the link to the website in the search results and click on it.

organic traffic
Users search information about marketing service in Irvine on Google

Organic search traffic helps to scale your business. It depends a lot on the ranking of your website on SERPs for different keywords.

To improve your website's visibility, you need to optimize individual pages and the entire web through the following steps:

  • SEO keyword research

  • Optimize existing pages

  • Add high-quality blog posts

  • Extensive marketing on multi-channel

This is a long process that takes a lot of work but it will bring great benefits.

# 5 - Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic (access from PPC or Paid Search) includes customers visiting your website from any type of paid online advertising.

For example, Google AdWords, Facebook advertising, ...

When you attract customers to visit through paid search, you can completely control their traffic with many different parameters.

Its biggest downside is that it is quite expensive. Especially in industries like commerce, when you run out of money the ability to convert will disappear.

You can see ads on Google that will look like this:

Paid Advertisement

Increasing traffic website is always the first goal of businesses when implementing online marketing, however, it is a long and costly process. However, this is a necessary marketing strategy for every business, especially small businesses because the online market is the most accessible place to reach customers.

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