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What Is Responsive Web Design?

Although many people already knew what responsive web is, in this article we still want to introduce this concept to those who do not know a little. Responsive Website is a concept in the web design industry, when a website is responsive, it will have good visibility on a variety of devices/browsers with different screen sizes.

But what are the readability manifestations of a responsive web? A website is considered to have good visibility when the design elements on the website meet the following conditions:

  • Users can read the clear text without enlarging the screen

  • The web interface has enough space for the user to perform the actions (eg accurately pressing the CTA buttons, menus, etc.)

  • Users no longer have to scroll across the screen to read all the content

For example, when someone views the web page from a desktop or laptop device, the navigation menu will be arranged horizontally, while if the user accesses the website using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, the menu will be displayed by screen vertical. In addition to the larger size of the text, the text layout is also changed to suit the small screen, making it easier for users to read.

What is the difference between adaptive web and responsive web?

Have you ever wondered what adaptive web and responsive web design are? Are these 2 definitions different? Adaptive web design uses a separate layout for a variety of screen sizes, the layout mainly depends on the screen size used. To put it simply, for each screen size, the website designer will design a layout for it.

So what is a responsive web design and how is it different from the adaptive web? Responsive web design allows the web to adapt to the size of the screen regardless of the screen size of the target device. With responsive design, the website designer does not have to design multiple versions of the same website to increase visibility on a variety of devices.

What are the necessary things to know before deciding on an adaptive or responsive web?

What is the most important difference to keep in mind between adaptive and responsive web design? That is, the adaptive interface size is much less flexible than responsive web design. If you choose to build an adaptive website, you need to modify it to each different screen size, and thus spends a lot of money and causes difficulties when you cannot have enough resources and manpower for all screen types.

What are the issues that need attention in the responsive web?

Besides the keyboard and mouse, what are the issues that need attention in responsive web designs? That is the graphics and web loading speed. Of course, a website with beautiful graphics will attract and impress more users. However, when you are a website designer you have to consider that when users use mobile devices to surf the web, the mobile network they use may not be suitable for loading these effects, leading to slow web loading speed. This directly affects the user's decision to drop the page. So with the web versions visible on mobile devices, it might be wise to display fewer graphics than desktop views so that the website doesn't take up a lot of time to load on a smartphone.

A responsive website is now very common for designing a website. However, create it is never easy for business owners to do it by themselves. If you have any problems doing that, Irvine Marketing Service will help you find the answer for FREE ADVISORY. Contact us now!


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