Checklist 5 Website evaluation criteria

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Understanding the criteria for using the website of the user also partly helps you to orient the development path of a company or business through a website in an online business environment.

This article will list some habits as well as criteria for using and evaluating the website of most current users. You can refer to and update your incomplete technical information and functions.

Criteria for using the website of users that businesses need to know

Page loading speed

One important website usage criterion is that it must have a fast page loading speed. According to general statistics, users are not patient enough for more than 10 seconds when they visit a website and have not seen any elements on the website appear.

Your website must ensure regular uptime, minimize time breaks. To do this, you need to choose a good, quality hosting provider and ask the web design unit to check all the elements on the website to see if there is any effect on the load speed of the website. website or not.

Convenience when manipulating the page

Another criterion that makes customers choose to stay to refer to a website is the ability to support the toolbar, button buttons, or search toolbar ... For these basic functions, you need optimization right from the start of the website.

There have been many cases where a customer exits the site and has no intention of returning due to inability to use a search engine, or a site with a search engine returning incorrect results, buttons when clicked on referring to the correct page or product requested by the user ...

Interface and aesthetics of the website

In addition, a sales website with a beautiful, attractive interface, suitable for modern web design trends will also help companies or business units retain customers for longer. Access to a complete, decent website can give customers the feeling that they are experiencing a completely professional service.

The information that the website provides

You need to update website content regularly and especially to have useful articles for users. One of the criteria for using the website that is interested by many customers is the "new" and reliability of the website. If you wait too long to update information or have new articles, customers will be skeptical and do not know that your website is still active or not.

Not updating much will also decrease your website's ranking on search engines and significantly reduce website visits.

User-friendly and compatible with mobile devices

Nowadays, users tend to surf the web more on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, and this quickly becomes an important criterion when evaluating websites. If accessing the website is not responsive optimized, users will not be able to make the most of the functions that the website offers, and accidentally give bad reviews of your website.

High security

When providing information on your website, customers want them to be secure, especially payment information such as bank account, card number, account number ... So make sure your website to be protected in terms of data, hackers do not often harass or encounter malicious malware.

Customers' experience in any product or service is now also valued and appreciated. It is not natural that Google constantly changes its algorithms based on user experience while surfing the web. When having a good experience even in the direct environment, customers will choose to stay and consider using your product or service in the future.

So, from now on, it's time for companies and businesses to focus on their online advertising channels, namely business websites/sales websites to be able to maintain and expand their business. The most effective way.


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