Website Design 101: 3 Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Having a website is a must for businesses today. To have a business website, businesses have many ways to do it, businesses can build their own website based on available tools such as Wix, Shopify, WordPress, ... can hire digital marketing service companies specializing in website design.

It is not easy to have a professional website. It can affect traffic as well as make your business thrive in the Internet environment. Sometimes just making a small mistake can make your business become obsolete and even disappear from the Internet environment.

Here are some website design mistakes that you need to know to keep your business website from falling into the bad effect mentioned above.

1. Lack of responsive web design

Designing a business website that looks good and professional just on a computer is no longer enough because tablets, phones, and other mobile devices are all used to view web pages. Failure to tailor your pages to work properly on these devices could result in users having a bad experience and not turning back your business websites.

Businesses are now turning to responsive web design to ensure their websites are accessible on a wide variety of devices. In addition to helping customers with good SEO and attracting traffic to the website, the Responsive web also saves money on development and maintenance. Moreover, instead of having to pay for a separate website or even a separate mobile theme, Responsive web can give us a single interface that is compatible with many different sizes across devices. be.

2. No call to action

Good content, attractive images will increase the readers' engagement with your business websites. However, is that enough to make the reader "decisive" and "assertive" when performing the action?

Have you ever seen words like "Watch Now, Learn Now, For More Details, Visit, Buy Now, Get Started, ..." and so many other imperative commands and highlights urging, calling readers to take action?

Adding a call-to-action will act as a nudge, igniting the reader's action leading to their action. Think about it if you don't add those words, your customers won't feel your business website enthusiasm, no excitement or excitement when you buy or sell.

So, the website design call to action has the effect of increasing the orders for your online business significantly.

3. 404 Redirect old URL

This may sound like programmer nonsense, but this is possibly the most dangerous mistake on this list.


If you change the site structure and the position of these pages changes, all those links will be pointed to 404 error pages, and you can kiss all these Google indexed links goodbye.

In addition to the SEO impacts, you can also create a catastrophe for user experience with broken links all over your website.

So, Redirecting the website URL is a necessary case when redesigning the website, upgrading the interface on an old domain name.


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