What Are Meta Titles And Descriptions?

SEO is a fairly new concept for many people who have never come into contact with the fields related to website and website design. For an effective SEO article, its value, the Meta Title and Meta Description are two important parts that need to be optimized well, which need to be carefully polished.

What is a Meta Title?

Meta Title is the title that displays the search results on popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, ... Meta Title is a short, concise description of internal content. Certain content on the website related to information about certain products, services, and content.

Meta Title has the length depending on the different requirements of each SEO person, but Google will display the first 50 - 60 characters in the Meta Title, so it is necessary to pay attention when placing the Meta Title tag on the number of signatures self.

For SEO, the Meta Title is especially important because it tells search engines what your article is about as a quick, concise form of declaration about the internal content. Through the Meta Title tag, search engines will help determine the SEO-related factors that make the optimization.

What is a Meta Description?

Meta Description is a term for a piece of text that has the most general description of specific content on a web page to help the reader initially visualize the meaning, which is mentioned inside. The article is available on the website.

The content of the Meta Description is a shortened, detailed part with the meaning of a description to help create curiosity and stimulate the reader. The default Meta Description length in the early years of its release was 320 characters, but so far the length of the meta description is only 130 - 160 characters in length.

Affirming the quality of SEO articles: SEO articles with an elaborate Meta Description, focusing on content and presentation form definitely have a high click-through rate, high SEO article rankings on the web on the website. The content inside the article will also be assessed positively if the content of the Meta Description is complete, standard SEO.


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