What Is the Best Image Size When Designing Website?

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Website is the minimum requirement of business when conducting digital marketing campaigns. Everyone wants to build a professional, attractive website, and to do that, you cannot ignore the visual element on the website. What is the standard image size on the website? What standard web image sizes should you pay attention to when talking about website design? This article, IMS will reveal the standard image sizes on the website for beginners.

A professional and accurate website is the goal of every website designer when designing the web. To achieve that, the website must fully meet the criteria that Google gives in order to best optimize its website. One of Google's requirements is image size. Accordingly, before posting photos on the website we must ensure that our images are qualified. Not to mention whether the image is suitable or not, ugly or beautiful, blurry or clear, the correct image size is the first factor (because Google cannot read the image, just read the size, the image alt; still the quality good picture is to increase the user experience).

If you have changed the size parameters in the system configuration, before posting the image you should correct the image size. If you haven't changed, here are the standard image sizes on the website:

  • Web design slider images size on the homepage: Website slider image size: 1360 x 540 pixels

  • Post image size: Illustration size: 300 x 188 pixels

  • Detailed image size: 800 x 500 pixels

  • Product internal image size: for illustrations, it is 300 x 400 pixels, for detailed images it is double as large as 600 x 800 pixels.

In general, the standard image sizes on the above website design can be changed, but should not change too much compared to the original parameters because it will have deviated, the image will not be the standard given by Google.

You absolutely must pay attention to these standards, because this will help Google evaluate your website, thereby bringing efficiency to SEO. Good user experience on the web depends in part on the size of the image.


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