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Updated: Dec 16, 2020

make a ux website
Make an eye-catching website

Last time that we’re here, we talked about the sitemap for your website. After building the very basics, let’s focus on the design of your website. Shall we?

When it comes to designing a website, creativity is a must.

Well, you’d think it would be something so dramatically appealing to the eyes like you’re watching a movie, or some crazy designs that can wow other people.

Don’t stress out. Even though creativity is a must, you just have to simply make it look as good as possible.

But how can you know if your designs are good or not?

Let us guide you through “How to make an Eye-catching Website?”

1. Know your audience.

This should always be at the top of any marketers’ to-do list for your marketing plan. Every decision should be based on what you know about them. That means both the way you create your content, and the way that you choose to display it.

customer profile customer demographics
Customer Profile

For example, if your brand is a coffee brand, and you want to target young people from 16 – 30 years old, you should know what they like to drink (probably cappuccino, ice blended, etc.), what they like to see (including logo, color scheme, etc.), what type of content they like (video, blogs, or magazine). And many more things.

All of these things will need to be done BEFORE you proceed with any content or design. Take your time to do your research carefully since it will affect everything you produce accordingly.

2. Know your content

A website is created based on the content you create for your business. The design of your website should also work with your content on it to highlight it. Thus, it shouldn’t be too overwhelming that it completely overshadows the content.

Every design is made with a purpose. Keep in mind what you want to achieve and what type of content it is while creating the website’s design. Your design should be able to support it.

3. Create a layout

It’s easier said than done, but once you’ve got the layout of your website down, the later steps will be a lot easier.

If you think that creativity has to be born with, you are wrong. Creativity can be learned, actually.

If you can’t think of any design, color scheme or layout, Pinterest is a great site to visit. You can look for inspiration up here with a few clicks.

pinterest web layout
Use Pinterest for layout ideas

As you can see here, I search for “web design” and there’re millions of results from the site. You can also add more keywords related to the brand that you’re working on to see more relevant searches.

They also recommend color schemes and how you put your content on the website.

Color layout is also important since it represents your brand as well. The color theory and all that will be useful in these situation. You’d want to create a website that can show what your business is truly about.

For example, many interior design websites have pastel or minimalistic color schemes since it’s a trend right now. Festival websites are usually very vibrant which bring a summer, festive vibe.

pinterest website palette
Use Pinterest for website palette ideas

The logo of your business should complement your website’s color palette as well. Think about it. If your logo was black and red with strong fonts for your business, it wouldn’t match with a soft pastel color palette you created for your website at all. This can seriously hurt your users’ experience on the site when things don’t make sense to their eyes, thus affect their decision to stay on your website.

4. Simplify

After thinking and design the layout you want for your website, there might be STILL a lot of thinking to do. Sometimes it’s great if you can take a step back and look at the whole picture. Or in this case, layout.

Is there something missing? Is it too much? Too overwhelming? The trick of being creative is to know when to show restraint. If it’s too much all at once, people may not know what to look for, which leads to a failure in connecting with the users.

Remember, the goal of a good design is to support user journey and to convert users into customers.

5. Take your time

The thing is, you can always come back to fix your website’s design if the first one doesn’t work the way you want it to be.

Don’t rush the process because it can be harmful to your creativity in the long run. Be patient and real results will come.

To end this here…

The design of your website shouldn’t be taken lightly. It will impact the optimization of your website and the conversion from leads to customers.

After all, first impression is very important. Make sure you make your first impression impressive in users’ eyes.

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