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How to run a successful business?

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Are you running a business? You want to reach the potential customers who could become your new experiences, bring potential profits? Here are a few things you maybe keep in mind and apply into your own business.

1. Build a Great Website

Think as simple, accessible website is often your best salesperson, so it is worth to invest a little time in one. All you need is: - A list of your services. - At least one compelling reason potential customer should use your service (i.e. list your training, credentials, skills, professionalism, etc.). - Your contact information. - It’s difficult to develop a small business – particularly if your strengths are more hands-on but strategic decisions taken in baby steps often leads to long-term, supportable development.

2. Do what people hate to do

People who are uber busy are often thrilled to outsource not just the chores they can’t do, but also the ones they hate to do. One way to make yourself essential is to take on those feared jobs. Let make an example. Why do people use cleaning services? Is this because they can not do chores or they hate doing chores? It’s both. Cleaning out ovens, dishwashers and neglected closets and cupboards, defrosting freezers, moving furniture, organizing garages and doing paint touch-ups, etc. All of the chores people do not like to do. That’s why cleaning services are common today.

3. Hire Employees

Are you wishing you more hours in the day to complete all the jobs available? If you’re in demand, boosting your business by raising your hourly rates or hiring an employee could be a more long-term solution to business growth. Often, the more people working for you, the more income you can make. You might start out with training your new employees, take them under your shadow before giving them their own clients, In time, you may have enough capital to contract staff with various ranges of abilities to expand your offerings.

4. Know When to Say No

It seems counterintuitive to spend valuable time with a prospective client to learn about a possible job only to end up saying no. But knowing when to nip a potential problem in the bud is a valuable skill in any business. When you get a sense that a client is interviewing multiple services to find the lowest price, badmouthing a former contractor or is unclear explaining their business improvement needs, do yourself a favor, move on and find a more straightforward client who can be potential customers.

5. Join a Third-Party Service Provider

One of the hardest pieces of having your own business is pounding the pavement to find clients. If this is challenging, consider adjusting yourself to an outsider specialist co-op. Sure, you might have to give a cut of profits in exchange for business, but it can also be a bonus to not have to worry about negotiating prices, sending invoices and doing time-intensive marketing. 

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