How To Make A Website Mobile Responsive?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a new trend whereby the web design and development process will satisfy all devices and users' environments according to the size and dimension of the device screen. For that, we'll use a flexible combination of techniques including the flexible grid, responsive image, and the CSS media query to have a mobile responsive website. When users switch from their laptop to iPad or iPhone, the web page will automatically convert to fit the screen size and processing scenario. In other words, the website needs to have technology that automatically responds to the user's device.

1. Reduce the amount of content

There's always a decent display on mobile devices, and even iPhones with a fairly large display are only 1/5 of what a typical laptop does. At the same time, mobile internet users are typically busier, they have less time to read things unrelated to their primary needs.

So we have to know how to use pixels well, by simplifying the content and leaving only the important content or features, the amount of content displayed will be optimized on the mobile.

In addition, simplifying the content also makes it easier for us to browse when the mobile network is quite weak.

2. Designing one or more mobile responsive websites?

If your mobile website is focused on smartphone user audiences with fast loading speed then a mobile responsive website version will be an ideal choice. However, if you want a broader approach then you should consider creating a version down pair. Facebook goes as far as having 3 major versions of mobile phones. is the main mobile website, is optimized for touchscreen mobile phones and is optimized for users in countries with download speed very slow.

3. Take advantage of available functionality

Many phones are more convenient than computers because mobile responsive websites contain some built-in functions that cannot be called on the computer.

All phones can (of course) make phone calls (computers need additional software most users won't have to buy credit to make calls from their computer to a physical phone). Allows users to automatically call when clicking a phone number or call link. This is useful for using 'Contact Us'.


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