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Tips For Create Effective Facebook Ad Images

In Facebook Ad, the image is an extremely important factor determining the ability customer clicks on your ad or not? Customers can only glance at your ads without stopping to read them if the picture you choose is not very appealing from the first time they see it, regardless of how good your material is.

As a result, you should take your time while shooting, selecting photos that relate to the product message you want to send to your consumers and impressing them right away. A few of the image tips mentioned below can help your Facebook ad catch the user's attention and convince them right away.

1. High-resolution Image with highlighting product

Facebook ad images need to highlight the product or service that you are selling. You just need to study the angle, lighting, accessories, and frame layout and you can produce pictures that look extremely interesting and attractive, impress people and make your business. Your product or service is easier to remember when a customer mentions your product or service.

In addition, you can capture all aspects of the product, from the front, left, right, and back so that viewers have the most comprehensive view of the product you are promoting. The image that you use in your Facebook ad template is as real as possible, as it increases customers' trust in your product, but know how to customize the brightness, arrange the layout to get the picture. the image does not become cluttered, confusing the eyes of the viewer.

2. Designing images according to the rule of thirds

Rule of thirds is one of the most basic and most common rules of aspect ratio, especially suitable for beginners who don't know how to compose images match, for frame balance. This rule synthesizes all the aesthetics and creativity of the photographer in it. Furthermore, it will also help balance your image.

This rule is very simple, you divide the frame into 9 equal parts with 2 vertical lines and 2 horizontal lines, pay attention so that the important parts of the photo are along the line with two vertical and horizontal lines. The main object of the ad, you place it along the lines or at the intersection of those lines to create a sense of balance for the image and thus, the image will become more harmonious, natural.

3. Image color

The image is aesthetic or not, in part, depends on the harmony of the colors that you combine. What product is your product, which object is it for, how is the style to choose the right color and highlight that product? Such as red - it creates a feeling of youthfulness and dynamism; Yellow represents creativity, green comes with freshness, purity like white or the nobility of black. Color can affect viewers' emotions, so you should consider choosing image colors to match the message that the product wants to bring to customers.

Furthermore, the product's color should contrast with the landscape or background's colors. If your product is bright white, you should use dark tones such as brown, black, gray, or wood... and if your product is dark, you should use bright colors to highlight it, which are meant to catch your viewers' attention and increase your conversion efficiency. This is also the most basic tip for those who have no idea how to combine colors, how to combine colors beautifully, how to harmonize photos, and how to highlight their products among a sea of Facebook ads.

4. An advertisement image containing text rules harmonious, natural.

Facebook has laid out a rule about the amount of text you can include in your images to make your ad more attractive and quality. Because too much text on the image can reduce the ad's reach, it should not take up more than 20% of the space in the Facebook ad image. So, before the public image runs the ad, use Facebook's text check tool, the Text Overlay Tool, to check the validity of the image to make sure your image is satisfactory.


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