How To Embed Google Map On Website?

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Google Map is a digital map developed by Google with the aim of replacing paper maps. Make it easy for users to find their sites.

Nowadays, most websites integrate their company location map. This is easy to understand because it helps users easily locate the address.

A website that incorporates Google maps addresses will have the following benefits

  • Helps users easily locate your company's address and location.

  • Help users find the way from their location to the company address quickly.

  • When the users log in to Google, they can save the company located on the website and many other features when Google Maps is embedded in the website.

You only need 3 simple steps to integrate Google Maps into your website:

Step 1: Go to Google Maps website:

- Enter the company address in the map search box

- Drag and move to correctly locate the company on Google Maps

Embed Google map in website

Step 2

- Click MENU Google Maps

- Click on Share & Embed map to get the code

Embed Google map in website by the code HTML

Step 3: Get the code embedded in the web

- Click on the Embed maps Tab

- Copy code Google Maps embed code into the website

Take HTML to Embed Google map in website

How to get the code embed in Wix

- Click + button

- Choose Embed – Custom Embeds – Embed a Widget

- Paste the code

Embed Google map in website in WIX


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