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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

The website can help you promote and help you earn extra income. However, a poorly performing website full of design errors is the fastest way to prevent customers from coming back to the site. Therefore, companies must always pay attention to building and designing the Web.

Nowadays, choosing between a custom website or a ready-made website, or choosing between a website designer, all of these are just for the purpose of increasing sales and boosting business. Many people spend too much money or less to invalidate the website. Because they do not understand that: web design more or less money is not as important as understanding what a business website needs.

Here are the specific criteria for your website to stand out and attract customers:

1. Fast page loading speed

According to research by Radware, 51% of online shoppers in the US think that if the website is too slow, they will not want to shop. During peak hours, 75% of users are willing to visit a competitor's website instead of waiting for it to load too slowly. In addition to making it easy for customers to use, fast loading websites are great for businesses. In fact, it turns out that "a one-second delay can lose 7% of sales", so if you want people to visit your website as much as possible to make a purchase, you need to load the page. as soon as possible. If this is not the case, people will not hesitate to leave your website to go to another site.

2. Easy to navigate

Site navigation is crucial to helping visitors quickly find what they need. This can also help search engines understand what webmasters consider important. While providing Google search results at the page level, Google also wants to know what role the page plays in the overall view of the site.

3. Mobile-friendly

laptop version

mobile-freindly version

The number of people accessing the Internet through smartphones tends to increase rapidly. Responsive web design has become the basic standard for a mobile audience. Nowadays, it is inevitable that your website is best displayed on a mobile device.

4. Build useful and engaging content

The content on the website is an important element to describe the product. Whether or not to attract and build customer trust or not depends on how you convince customers. Building useful content also increases the time customers spend on your website.

5. SEO

In Online Marketing, SEO is an important factor to create success for the business. SEO is a collection of methods to increase website rankings significantly. The website is built with SEO standards, optimized for search, to help customers easily find you. Support effective marketing and online business.

6. Easy to upgrade

In the course of company development, there may be new businesses. Then, the good web must be the web that can easily upgrade the system to add new functions. Please work with the design unit and talk to them care about the possibility of a web system upgrade

7. Eye-catching, impressive design

When a customer visits their website, the first image that meets their eye is crucial. When you go online, customers will immediately receive an initial rating. If their life is good, they will have a more benevolent appearance. Therefore, the web interface should be beautiful, eye-catching, and have a good mix of colors, images, and text. The layout is clear, easy to understand, and the main items are always on the homepage, which doesn't force the user to search too much. The web interface should also partly reflect the personality of the company.

Above are 7 basic elements to identify a website that is really professional enough to help businesses increase revenue and reputation in the marketplace. Irvine Marketing Service can provide you with a great website design than the 7 success factors mentioned above. Give us the body to be able to show it to you.


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