Why should your business consider hiring a digital agency over a freelancer?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

differences between digital agency and freelancer
Digital Agency vs. Freelancer

Digital Agency vs. Freelancers… How do I choose?

As a small business owner, have you ever felt like you’re juggling 10 balls at a time to make the best decision for your business? It’s a huge headache, we understand.

For your mid or small business, you’re thinking of outsourcing marketing services. But when you come online and search “marketing services” on Google, the search phrase comes back with 2,820,000,000 results, freelancers and agencies combined. In this case, many companies, especially smaller ones, decide to go for freelancers for their cheaper price and supposedly-specialized knowledge.

However, before you go to that direction, let’s sit down and read this first. We will give you some key differences between a digital agency and a freelancer so you can make your own decision.

Before getting into that, let’s backtrack for a minute and know who they are first.

A freelancer, or independent contractor, is a self-employed individual who doesn’t have a long-term, committed contract to an employer. They’re specialized in their line of work, and they provide services on their own.

A digital agency is a marketing team consists of professionals who are specialized in different aspects of marketing. There can be web designers, digital marketers, content writers, etc. Based on different projects there could be a combination of different people.

Freelancers are great at what they do

As mentioned above, they’re specialized in different areas. If you have a small project with little work to be done, outsourcing for a freelancer is the best option for such simplicity. However, you need to remember that freelancers are only good at one aspect or two. Very few have the skill sets necessary to carry a cross-platform project like a web design project or branding. If hired wisely, they’ll be a great add-on to your in-house team.

Digital agency is a collective of experts

With an agency, you don’t have to go around looking for people with a specific skill. A digital agency offers you a team to work on your project. Different parts of your project will be assigned to different members of the team.

For instance, you ask an agency for help on a company branding project. They will offer you a team of strategists to plan your branding project, digital marketers to run for different social media platforms, content writers to promote your brand, designers to give out the best visually appealing images to your customers, etc.

What you can expect from them is full results at the end of the project and supports for the after-project period. The project often comes together in a shorter time and requires fewer revisions.

Consider your budget

Many small businesses hire freelancers for their lower price with a specific or short-term project. Even though budget-friendly, if your business project is long-term or on a larger scale, hiring freelancers may take up more money than what you expected. For a big project, there may be a lot of aspects that need expert knowledge, which requires your business to hire more freelancers than just one. There also revision costs and delays that come with a long project and hiring multiple freelancers at once. It’s time-consuming and costs a lot more in the long run.

For those reasons, going to a digital agency is a better option for large projects. There will be a project manager who will make sure that your project stays on track, all your parts of the visual branding is consistent and presented just how you want it to be. You only need to pay for the quote instead of multiple service providers. It’s also more economical for you since the process to complete the project is shorter with fewer revisions and delays in between.

Network and Resources

Working with a freelancer has a perk of its own. You’ll get to choose the one with the experience and resources that are related to the field you’re working on. However, when it comes to different parts of your project, they may not have enough resources and expert knowledge to work on it. You may hire a freelance web designer, and they know how to build a website that looks good and appealing to your audience, but they may not understand SEO compatibility, user experience or things like site architecture. Even if they do, it’s unlikely that they have time or resources to implement the knowledge for all areas.

With a digital agency, you’ll have a team with different background knowledge, so they’ll provide you extensive and professional outlooks on your project. The agency also has the network and connections needed for training on any topics to offer you best practices for your industry. They have the resources to optimize your project to the best of its ability. Because of its complex and time-intensive nature, very few professionals will go through that process.

For Irvine Marketing Services, our team is carefully crafted and consisting of professionals who are excellent in their areas. We work together to bring the best results out of your project. We know that one size does not fit all, and your project is unique in its way. That’s why we offer full support to our clients, from start to finish, to bring an outstanding project that matches our clients’ goals with a reasonable price. Contact us for a free quote!

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