What is dead link? How to fix broken links?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

A problem that has a direct negative impact on SEO results today is Dead Link (also known as Broken Link). Not only does it drop your website's rankings, but it also seriously degrades the user experience.

What is dead link?

A broken link is a web-page that can not be found or accessed by a user. This happens for a variety of reasons but usually because the site has been removed and the old page is not redirected.

The impact of broken links

Broken link make your effort on SEO limited

Broken links are one of the huge dangers of a website. Broken links not only prevent search engine bots from crawling, but broken links also reduce user experience on the page. If the website is a house, and each link on the page is a small room in the house, broken links are rooms that are locked and cannot be accessed by users.

And all the strength of that link was calculated by Google for the previous website will be lost and deducted directly from the total strength of the website. This means that when a broken link appears on the page if it is not promptly fixed (create an alternative link or fix the ability to load website data, or any other way) the website will be lost. away precious sources of power. However, they won’t impact your overall SEO.

Broken links seriously reduce the user experience

Imagining, when you go to a website to measure and find topics that interest you, intrigue or match your search needs at the time, but when you click on the link all that you get is a blank 404 page, or a message from the server: "Page not found". If this content is really necessary for you, and you access that website just because of this content, you will definitely think that this website is spam or has a bad feeling about the website.

“How annoying you are” your visitors will definitely feel the same way. And the broken link can now be considered a serial killer that kills user experience. Reduced user experience means that they will probably immediately ditch the site, remember the site with a bad experience, and never come back to the site again.

Thus, the harm that broken link causes to the website can become extremely great, especially for reputable news websites today.


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What is the cause of the broken link?

One of the most common reasons for a broken link is the website that the link points to no longer exist. This often results in a 404 error, describing the web server responding but not being able to find the pages they link was pointing to.

Another common cause of broken links these days is when the server that hosts the pointed page is down or is moved to a new domain name.

More specifically, a broken link can be generated for the following reasons:

  • Links from social networks (like Facebook, Twitter) are one of the types of links that are most likely to become broken links because of frequent changes in post or account privacy.

  • Some news sites leave some articles public for a short time, then they switch them to pay-to-view (pay to continue viewing). This causes a significant loss of backlinks from these news articles.

  • That link may have expired.

  • The site may have been restructured, redesigned or the underlying technology platforms may have changed, causing a large number of internal links and Inbounce Links to be altered and becomes broken link.

  • The user is blocked by content filters or firewalls.

Check for broken link

Here is some advice to help you figure out dead links to your website.

Finding Broken Links with Online Checkers

You only need to search URL in their search box and you will get a bunch of links of your website and check out which one is a broken link.

Finding Broken Links with a plugin

You can use a number of the plugin for checking dead links on your site. It will collect and report a broken link for you.

How to fix a broken link

Usually, you tend to have a quick option for fixing dead links by redirecting all the broken links to your homepage. However, a user who clicks on your link on Google Search will want to find something specific that your website already has, so the homepage may not be the ideal destination. The home-page may even disappoint users when they arrive at your site.

So, we will suggest you two options if you want to fix broken links quickly.

First, you can restore or re-create that page/content or redirect the old link to another page with related content. This helps you ensure that when a user visits a link that does not exist on your site they will be directed to another page instead of receiving an error page.

Second, sometimes a link is broken just because you changed your permanent or slug link, which means you just need to create a redirect to the updated page.


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