Marketing Tips For Websites: Conversion Rate Optimization Calls-To-Action

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Each display website plays an important role in the effectiveness of the user experience as well as the conversion rate of websites and apps. Even small components like CTA buttons require a lot of attention for them to be able to meet the goals and goals they are expected to achieve. So what is CTA? How to create an effective CTA?

What is CTA?

Call-to-action (CTA) is the term of marketing that refers to a piece of content, such as an image, a button, or a link in order for the user to perform a certain action. It usually leads to a form of data entry or directives to activities (like buying, signing up, tracking, etc.) and leading the user to the next step of the sale.

The importance of the CTA

Using a CTA strategy can help website owners guide visitors through the buying steps and directly influence conversion rates. A CTA considered useful and effective will attract the visitor's attention, increase interest, and ultimately help the user enter the scripted conversion process by the website owner.

How does the CTA work?

From our experience working with different types of CTAs, we should look at the factors that improve the usefulness of a CTA:

CTA has an eye-catching design

What sets CTAs apart from other areas of the website is their prominence and interest. It is also in the main tones of the website but should be the most prominent. The CTA must be an element that is distinct in the block, visible and noticeable to the user.

CTA is geared toward action

The content of the CTA needs to strike a balance between simplicity, brevity, but also easy to understand for users to click on. Verbs like "Download", "Register" or "Start" are highly suggestive. It's best to look at the big websites (in terms of branding) to see how they generate CTAs, including placement in layout and text.

CTA needs accuracy and assurance

Any user dislikes clicking the mouse button but is of no value to them. CTA needs to be clear in terms of information and provide what users expect. For example, when they click the "Follow" button, are they actually subscribing to the subscriptions, or are they redirected to the Purchase page?


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From what we have just learned, you must have identified what is a CTA. However, you still need more experience when implementing projects and products and incorporating reading comprehension of marketing metrics (through attaching trigger events) to be able to comprehend and use CTA proficiently.


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