Does my business need a website?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Any business should have a website. The website is a new business channel besides traditional business channels, this is an effective and very economic business channel for businesses. Customers often visit the website to see the products and services that the business is doing, they can also find the contact phone number and the office address to contact directly; This trend is and is still increasing rapidly.

Therefore, do not think that it is too early to think about web design for your business. Pioneers will be those who have a huge number of customers in the Internet environment, not only in Vietnam but also around the world.

On the other hand, currently, the cost of web design services has also decreased greatly, with only a hundred dollars, you have a website with full information, features, and mobile standards, optimized for search.


3 Reasons convinced you to have a website for your business.

1. Having a website, businesses increase the ability to reach customers

If the business does not have its own website, the customer can only purchase products and services and interact with the business owner during business hours. However, when a website is available, all time and space limitations are removed, customers can easily get the information they want through the enterprise's own website.

2. Promote sales activities anytime, anywhere

The next reason for "Does my business need a website?" That is, having a website will help boost sales activities anytime, anywhere. When you have a website, as long as your customers have an internet connection with access devices, customers can access your sales website anywhere at any time. Customers will not have to come directly to the store or purchase according to the store's operating hours but can buy at any time. This helps to maximize sales opportunities, help boost sales, and facilitate customers to shop, making them more satisfied.

3. Help implement effective marketing strategies

Another reason that " Does my business need a website?" That is thanks to the website that will help the marketing strategy to be implemented more effectively and generate an effective revenue stream. Previously, there were forms of marketing through advertising via newspapers and radio, the ability to reach customers was limited, but with online marketing through the website, it would help to reach many customers, quickly and more effective. Through the website, businesses can deploy online marketing strategies such as Google Adwords advertising, SEO, or Email Marketing.


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