6 Tips to Get More Customers through Conversion Rate

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

get customers boost conversion rate
Get more Customers and Boost Conversion Rate

As we talked about conversion rate and its importance on our lasted article, we see how it can impact your marketing plans, especially in the long run.

Now, what can you do to get more visitors to convert and boost conversion rates?

We have to do conversion rate optimization (CRO). CRO is the process of converting your visitors into your qualified leads – meaning, paying customers. The most important thing about CRO is you’ll get more out of your existing website traffics while ensuring you’re targeting the right leads for your business.

We’ll give you 6 tips on how to increase your marketing conversion rate.

1. Create a Dedicated landing page

You pay for your ad campaigns. You should put effort into providing just the right content for them. Every ad should have a landing page that is dedicated to that product or service advertised.

landing page ISM
Industrial Strength Marketing landing page

There are so many good reasons to do this, but the biggest reason is page optimization. Think about this from a customer’s point of view. When they search for a specific product, they would want to click and stay on a page that is optimized for that product only, not any other unrelated products or information about your brand. They want to buy it after clicking on that page, so your landing page should be optimized for that purpose: to sell the product.

Creating a focused product landing page brings better results for your business. It helps your web users concentrate on the product or service they searched for in the first place, which can lead to a higher conversion rate.

2. Use A/B Testing for your landing page and your website

The first landing page, or even your website, can’t all be perfect. It will have to go through trial and error to find out the best for your business.

It’s crucial for you to constantly test your pages to ensure you’re putting out the best version for your business.

This time, conducting A/B testing to see how different elements affect your site.

When doing a test, focus on one change at a time. If you change too many things at the same time, it can create different variables that you can’t control, then you won’t have definitive results on which impacted your site positively.

So, which elements should you test?

You can test any elements on your site, from the CTA (call-to-action) buttons to the graphics or the sizes on your landing page. The smallest changes may have the most impact on your site!

By testing your page, you can create the best site for your business. It will help you to get more engagement and improve your website’s conversion rate.

3. Optimize CTAs on your website

When they click on your landing page, it means that they’re interested in the product. After reading through the information, what’s the next step for them? You should provide potential customers with a solution, a guide to lead them to where you want them to be.

Call to Action (CTA) button is a great way to involve your visitors in doing an action that can both benefit them and your business. By adding CTA buttons to your landing page, you have a higher chance of converting visitors into consumers.

landing page and cta netflix
Netflix landing page and CTA

These buttons should stand out and catch the eyes of your web visitors. You can try different CTA buttons for your page, from changing the colors, sizes, or phrases.

And don’t just use generic CTAs like “Click here”, “Get detailed information here”. Be more specific in your requests and command, like “Download free PDF here”, “Get your shopping discount code here” or “Call us today for a free consultation”. Your audience should know what will happen when they click on it.

A good CTA will create more engagement on your site and raise your website conversion rate.

4. Keep your forms simple

When you capture the eyes of the users, you’d want to gain as much information as possible. My advice is, don’t.

Why? Simply because your potential leads can turn their back on you once they got to the “filling form” parts just because it takes too much effort to fill in such long forms.

You only need them to fill as little as possible, for example, a name and an email. You’ll want to be selective about the information you request.

For instance, if you have a landing page about free PDF on how to build your own website, asking visitors about their gender or their family members aren’t going to be helpful.

You can always ask for just one or two most important questions that you can follow up to collect more after that.

5. Use video

There’s a reason why video marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics to engage your audience. Videos are more likely to attract the audience while also give them valuable information.

landing page video two heads
Two Heads landing page

You’d think a wall of text to promote your products is a great way for your visitors to get the information that they want. But many of them may not like to read so many things at once. Videos are short and attractive to the eyes. You can include the most important valuable about your products or services with visual graphics to emphasize your points.

Video improves 80% of your conversion rate when integrated into a landing page. If you want to boost conversion rate and get more consumers, consider adding videos to your landing pages.

6. Pay for what Works

After testing and trying everything, the only thing you need to do right now is to focus on the channel that drives quality leads while opting out the ones that didn’t work. You don’t have to spend money on something that has consistently poor (especially unprofitably poor) conversion rates.

And, since you’re now pointing the right traffic to your landing pages, you’re A/B test can truly start producing. You’ve got the right audience to your landing page, make sure that the user experience is irresistible.

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