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Outsource Digital Marketers

Nowadays, with the majority of people are on the Internet almost every hour of a day worldwide, it’ll be a huge miss for you if your business hasn’t established a marketing presence, as in, right now. You’re in a digital world where everything works on a digital 4.0 scale, and you have to transform and evolve to be able to catch up to competitors and customers. If not, your competitors surely reach your customers first before you even can see them.

81% of consumers research the products online before purchasing anything. That’s not the only reason for digital presence, though. Digital marketing is more than just existing on the Internet. What’s more, you can utilize the web to be the powerhouse for sales generation, customer loyalty, and brand recognition.

If you’re just getting started on finding down more about digital marketing for your business, you’ll find that it seems easy to set up the digital presence. Facebook, Instagram, or creating a website, then up you go!

However, you have to understand that digital marketing is not just that, and usually, it takes a lot of time, a coherent and precise strategy and the core expertise, which you can’t just take up in a day or two.

Besides, it’s pretty unreasonable to hire a full in-house marketing team, especially for small businesses. The average salary for a digital marketing manager alone is $69,755. That’s why outsourcing marketing is much more affordable and effective.

Let’s get into 4 reasons why you should outsource marketing for your business.

1. High online visibility

As mentioned above, the majority of customer research online before making a purchase. That’s why the higher your visibility online, the better. When they search for a product or service in your area, if your name pops up first, there’s a higher chance that they’ll come to your company. If you don’t even do anything, your competitors will get to them first.

Why is that? This is related to SEO (search engine optimization), website responsiveness, social media presence and so on, which are huge parts of digital marketing that we talked about in the previous article. A good digital marketer will know how to integrate all these elements. They’ll ensure that your name will be on the first page of search engines when a customer search for a product or service. They’ll help to increase your brand’s reputation, also.

2. Data analytics

Everything sounds good and all. Now you’re at the top of search engines, many people like your posts on Facebook, and the shares increases day by day. However, how could you know if these numbers can bring you any real investment from customers?

Digital marketing is not just about the “abstract”, or the presence that your brand appears to be for customers. It’s also about numbers and statistics. A good digital marketer can not only track your digital performance but also improve them over time, too.

These are some of the metrics that can be measured:

  • Organic, paid, referral, and social traffic.

  • Click-through rates (CTR).

  • Engagement

  • Site speed

3. Email marketing sales funnel

Many may think that the day of email marketing has died, but they might be wrong on that. Almost 294 billion emails are sent and received daily, and they also get checked regularly. If done right, your readers will get hooked onto every word and expect more from your business. When done wrong, they will be left in the trash can, or even worse, spam section, of your customers’ email, which will actually hurt your online presence.

Email marketing is one of the greatest ways to build a strong relationship with your (potential) customers by providing interesting and valuable content, exclusive deals, and eventually, convert recipients into customers.

When handling your email, a good digital marketer will:

  • Curate and purge email lists, removing inactive email addresses.

  • Draft engaging email campaigns that increase brand awareness and build consumer trust.

  • Develop alternate email campaigns for specific lead varieties.

  • Design email layouts to match your brand aesthetic and messaging.

  • Develop leads through email communications with potential clients.

4. Content Creation

You’d probably heard the phrase “Content is King” a few times already. This has been proven from time to time. It brings in three times the leads of traditional marketing formats at 62 percent of the cost. Content is what brings the audience to you.

In an age where information has become a commodity, good content always comes out as a winner. It’s easy to create a not-so-good content, though. I’ve read too many advertisements that bring no real value or entertainment for me while it’s just a blatant call for business.

What your business needs are really good and valuable content that is not only useful for your viewers but also for your business.

This is where a good digital marketer, or a content creator, will be the most useful. They’ll help you create the content that can paint you as a leader in your expertise. Their content has to be true to your company’s value and products, while also gives valuable information to your customers.

The content can come in many sizes and types, such as:

  • Website blogs and articles

  • Videos

  • YouTube content

  • Webinars

  • Apps

And many more.

And again, there’s a reason why most mid-to-small size companies outsource digital marketers these days – poorly created content can turn a customer away faster than the speed you say the name of your products.


Here in Irvine Marketing Service, we curate the best digital marketing strategy for your business. We understand that every business is unique, and we offer the best marketing solutions that match your goals and value. Our professional digital marketers will help you all the way throughout the period of time while you focus on leading your business to success.

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