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Anaheim Magazine

Anaheim Magazine want to redesign their website architechture for a better user experiences. An interactive interface that allow a large number of post and showcases of many articles.

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Anaheim Magazine is a digital magazine about news, business and lifestyle. Before working with us their website does not provide good feeling for readers. They want to change into a design that is more trendy and fashion to create a feeling of high class magazine.

Well-organized Interface

Anaheim Magazine website has side sliders for outstanding and editor's choices articles to draw attention on popular article. The website is design to show the most number of articles. Sections are separated based on topics.

Better User Experience 

We try our best to create the most simple website with smooth transperation from page to pages so that visitors can easily switch from different sectors. The website was designed to give readers the comfort when reading news online and keep them stay longer on the website.

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