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Catch Up Accounting

Catch up accounting is an accounting outsourced services company for small business. They want to develop a website to grow their business online.

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Catch Up Accounting want a website that look fun and easy to understatnd for visitors. Therefore we chose graphic animated for an enjoyable and excited outlook. Animated graphicsare used throughout the site to help draw attention to key points and details.

Responsive Website

Catch Up Accounting provides their services mainly on digital platform. This website is designed to meet the need of their services's nature. The website is responsive and easy for using. We develop client portal for document upload and online booking online function to support their online business. 

Mobile Friendly

Mobile site is important for business in this era. Visitors are now tend to visit website using mobile platforms. The mobile version of Catch Up Accounting is designed to be broad enough to accompany future growth but specific enough to present an user experience. 

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